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Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)


Every service-based industry provides service to their customer to retain them by taking AMC where the company charges some amount from their customer for the specified product for a fixed period of time and fixed services.


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AMC Management software is a part of service management software which apart from taking care of annual maintenance contract also takes care of complaint management, complaint tracking, warranty management, spare parts management and tracking which is a very important aspect of customer relationship management. It works as an agreement between the customer and the manufacturer as regards to the maintenance of product, that customer has.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

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Easy Customer Management

Our software helps you to manage your customers in the most simplified way. Every step involves automation, so there are least chances of things or any important information being left out. This gives your company confidence about the proper handing of customers.


Manage Maintenance Contracts

By the help of AMC Management Software, the service managers can track down those AMCs which are near to expiration within the next 30 days, since it would be highlighted on their home screen. This decreases the chance of missing the renewal of contracts by 100%. Automated creation of AMC invoices makes things easier.

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Manage Product's AMC

Manage the AMC of the product provided by you which includes everything from the product issue date to warranty duration and all the other necessary data. Keep a dynamic record of the maintenance procedure through our software which is further kept up to date simultaneously in the most organised way. Avail the benefit of getting all the related information at a single click.


Manage Complaint Schedules

You can now manage all the customer complaints more efficiently by maintaining an electronic record at one place. Also, avail the opportunity of maintaining call history and schedule all the received complaints in a much more effective way and update the status side by side without any mistakes or confusion. This will further let you deliver quality service

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Manage your Service Call Reminders

Make all your employees work in a systematic way by giving them the benefit of managing their service calls most efficiently. Our software periodically sends notifications and reminders to the concerned employees about the services due through their login accounts. Tracking and maintaining are thus simplified for your employees like never before.


Email and Message Campaigns

Our most exclusive AMC Management Software lets you hold and organise email and message campaigns all together in the least complicated manner. Send auto-generated emails and messages to your customers in different cases like the coming expiration of the agreement, etc. These email and message campaigns also help your employees by always keeping them up to date.

Benefits of AMC Management



Real Time Information

Enhance the availability and maintainance of real time information constantly with our software.

Absolute Control

The company can have absolute control on employee processes through 100% automation and correctivity.


Remain available and perform appropriate activities and changes anytime and anywhere you want.


Inventory Control

Have a strong hold and control over the inventory by keeping yourself informed about the exact statistics of services and products.

Personalized Services

Maintain and create personalized services for employees, admin, supper administrator and the owner of companies.


Command & Communication

Our software provides you with easy command, control and communication to dramatically enhance the capabilities of the organisation.

Suitable for all types of Industries and Companies

This is an easy-to-use, affordable Computerized Maintenance Management System that allows you to easily track and monitor the maintenance and schedule of any kind of equipment.

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Total control of your business – schedule & manage your service. Also, maintain multiple types of contract /agreement for services

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Master data entry for total control of customer information, products, executive details, and many other categories

Manufacturing Products

Building/Construction Field

Transportation/Fleet Field

Workshops and Garages

Best AMC Management Software

Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC) software is one of the most efficient and innovative online and web-based Service Contract management systems. Under one system, it supports smooth usability to control all your AMC (Companies, Customers, Contracts, Complains). Thus, the process is made in such a way that the operational time is much lower compared to other systems.

Manage service contracts

Contract Inventory Setup

Contract Quick Renewal Reminders

Automatically schedule Call

Contract wise services call report

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