Application Delivery In Cloud

Cloud networking shares many of the same benefits of another cloud IT services such as rapid deployment, easy administration, no new hardware to buy, no software updates or annual maintenance, pay-as-you-grow subscription pricing, built-in scalability and redundancy, and anywhere access via an Internet connection..

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Cloud computing environment requires that its supporting infrastructure be dynamic, programmable, and automated. Unlike a traditional data center, cloud computing environments come with application delivery challenges that can vary depending on the implementation.

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Cloud computing requires a dynamic control plan that enables you to integrate the various network and application delivery network components, switches, IP address management, load balancing, application security, acceleration solutions, and more.

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IBM has a proven history of designing, building, and supporting complex infrastructures as well as emerging technologies like today’s cloud configurations. IBM can provide the insights and capabilities you need to assess, plan, design, implement, and manage the network infrastructure to support your client’s chosen cloud computing environment with on-demand IT.


The primary focus of (and litmus test for) any IT infrastructure is application delivery and performance. Application delivery, whether coming from the cloud or a traditional data centre, requires the network to make quick, intelligent decisions to ensure consistent availability, secure access, and optimized application response time.


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