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About Cube CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) refers to the methodologies and tools that help businesses manage customer relationships in an organized way. Cube CRM gathers data through all phases of the customer relationship such as Marketing, Sales, and Service and provides a complete picture, allowing business Owners/Managers of?CRM Software?to make informed decisions.

Our?CRM System?allows for better sales force automation. This allows businesses to keep track potential customers follow updates for more sales to happen or to attract them to make a purchase again. It allows for better sales automation & promotional activity analysis. Better availability of information through data transfers, merging & proper analysis of Key Performance Indicators. Our?CRM System?allows for better client relationship managment through contacts management functionality. Our?CRM system?offers your business an easy to use interactive dashboard platform as well.

Cube CRM Speciality


Customer Data Management

We keep the track of customer information with rapid and efficent access to customer data.



Track lead/Employee

We keep the lead generation and information on real time. we have best application to keep track of movement and work efficency of each and every employee on a real time monitoring system.


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Customer Interaction

Cube CRM is the best application which is responsible for managing between an organisation and it’s a customer in the form of Prementive Maintenance Service, Lead Generate, BreakDown and many more services

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Chat Integration

We offer increased conversions with live chat plugin


Stock Management and Expiry Alert.

We offer complete solution of effective expiry management, short expiry notification feature and improve your inventory management with great and efficent approach.


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Vender/Partner Relationship

We provide web based capabilities that help a vendor to manage partner relationships.


Email and SMS Integration

We provide Email & SMS Service which allows seamless convergence between existing system and our SMS Platform and further increase communication productivity.


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Automate Sales/Purchase Order Generation

Automate Sale/Purchase Order and increase productivity. Automatic PO and Sales Order generate makes them quick to prepare and easy to maintain.



Marketing Management

CubeCRM organises marketing activity, sets market goal, tracks performance, enhances product planning, manages supply chain and a lot more.


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