CUBE Access Permits Request?application to manage?shopping Malls,?to ease their access permit requests on daily activities to avoid time lacking, unrecorded, unsecured entries and unusual circumstances.

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Mission & Vision

Stop tracking work permits and expiration manually

Don’t waste time tracking dates and focus time on what’s really important.

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Quickly visualize all permits in one central place.

We provide a dashboard and timeline for all activities

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Quick know which ones need alteration/maintenance/renewal.

Tracking becomes very easy for managerial persons

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Analyze all document very easily

User can upload all document and verify and approval process also included. Security can easy to identify and track subcontractors employees.

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Take your data anywhere with our cloud-based system with all devices and all browser compatibility

Our System Specialities?

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Path tracking

Create permit paths for locations or area based on permits that need to be followed. Generate instant reports indicating who has what and what permits are missing.

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Real time policy acceptance

Create vendor and subcontractor policies and send it to everyone for acceptance. Track in real-time who has accepted declined or requested an exception.

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Hybrid Search

Hybrid search helps the user to search any content and date according to their requirement.

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Compactible to all devices

Our system is compatible with all devices and browsers. Also integrated with any devices, easy to use.

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Upload copies of permits

Upload attachments permit like PDF or image files of the actual permit. Don’t go looking for those on shared drives or email attachments. Everything is in one place.

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Separate User and Access Rights

User-level panels help to work smarter without any distraction.Approval/Reminders helps the user very easily