FMS Special Events

This module is for any venue or organiser who wishes to organise entertainment, sport, charity, religious or business events. A permit is required for each event and an application should be submitted via the online.

Application Review and Issuance

Include Fees and Charges

Special Event Guidelines and Regulations


Providing the Highest Quality and Customizable? Module

Online Registration

Online registration request through our application

Click on Add/Take Action

Choose ‘Add New Event’ when prompted. Read the information on the pop-up screen about the services available

Fill in event and venue details and select activities

Provide the type of event, event name, event profile and other details as prompted, and then choose the event activities. Insert venue details and event start and end dates and times.

Add contact details

Insert details for event managers, participants and performers

Upload required documents

We include an option to attach related documents with the event

Payment Integration

Our system can integrate with different payment gateway services in UAE

Events Managing System

Events Managing System is a web based system module which streamlines, facilitates and collates event registration and? procedures providing a? registry and permit approval mechanism from all entities for all types and kinds of events including exhibitions, conferences, training courses, workshops, meetings etc., that are conducted in UAE.

  • Exhibition permit

  • Conference

  • Training and workshop

  • Speakers

  • E-Ticketing

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